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Free HOA Website

Gladly offers stress-free communication for your HOA. These free tools, like our beautiful, Free HOA Websites, provide your community’s face to the world.

Your Community Shines

With the Free Gladly HOA Website, you can rest easy knowing your community will always put its best foot forward online. You’ll attract more quality people who value their homes – and that adds value to your community.



Always look your best


Easy to Navigate

Prospective buyers quickly learn more


Simple to Maintain

Your HOA website is always up to date


Did We Say Free?

Your HOA is beautiful — it deserves a beautiful website. That’s why your Gladly website, along with its Message Board, Community Calendar, Amenity Reservation, Online Dues Payment, and Document Management is completely free to use. You can add a custom domain for $14/mo.


Fast & Easy Setup

Not a web designer? Great! Your Free HOA Website can be up and running in mere minutes — no techy stuff required.

Got questions? Have at it!

HOA Website Questions

Q: Is my HOA Website really free?

A: Yes! We get it. Money is tight, but you still need an awesome website for your awesome community. With Gladly, you never have to worry about your budget. 

Because we received so many requests, you can now add domain hosting so that you can have your own domain ( instead of

Q: How do I set it up?

A: If you’ve ever set up a blog or website template before, it’s a similar process. Add your photos, fill in your own text, and you’re done. It’s easy!

Q: Can I use my own domain?

A: Your community will be setup on  However, you can point your current domain to your Gladly domain.  In the future we may offer the option to use a custom domain ( instead of a Gladly domain (

Q: What features are included?

A: Your Free HOA Website includes a Message Board, Community Calendar, Amenity Reservations, Online Dues Payment, and Document Management — all part of the package at no cost! How’s that for happy?

Q: Will my website be mobile ready?

A: Absolutely! Today, most people use mobile devices to surf the web. We’ve designed your Free HOA Website to be 100% mobile friendly without any extra work for you.

Q: Is my Free HOA Website secure?

A: Yes! We use Google maps and credit card information (for verification only…no charges) to ensure anyone who joins as a member actually lives in your community. And you needn’t worry about hackers with our secure servers.

Smile With Us

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