Wow. That was Easy!

Online HOA Amenity Reservations

From pool parties to the park pavillion, residents can finally reserve facilities right from your free HOA Website. Gladly’s Online HOA Amenity Reservation feature does all the work! No reservation calls to answer, no lost sticky notes, no double-booking.

Now, wasn’t that easy?

Efficiency Never Felt So Good

Remember when you had to write everything on your HOA calendar, keep track of everyone’s events, and moderate disputes when reservations got confused? Even worse, remember getting blamed for the entire fiasco? Ahh…those were the days. If those are still the days, HOA Online Amenity Reservation can help you have much happier days ahead.


Amenities reserved in a cinch. No phone, no fuss.


Scheduling “oopsies” averted. Never double-book again.


Your job simplified. Lunch break, anyone?

“All I have to do is approve reservation requests that come by email from Gladly. It saves me a lot of time and effort compared to taking phone calls and responding to emails about reservations.“

-Kaleb, Community HOAM



Our completely automated system means residents and managers can see what facilities are available and easily schedule their own events. No phone calls, no forms. Log in. Reserve. Smile.



Gladly’s Online HOA Amenity Reservation means no hand-scribbled notes, no paper calendar, no lost reservations, and no blaming you. Zero paperwork, plenty of happy.

Got questions? Have at it!

HOA Amenity Reservations Questions

Q: How do I set this up? How automated is it?

A: After you set up your Free HOA Website, simply fill in what amenities can be scheduled, black out any necessary days or times, and let the system do the rest. Yes, people simply use their site login to make reservations. It’s easy for them, mess-free for you.

Q: What if two people book the same time?

A: They can’t, and that’s the beauty of it. The person who books first is the chosen one. But since it’s all built into the system, you’ll never be accused of giving special treatment or losing a reservation.


Q: How does this make my job easier?

A: Your system will be set up in a few clicks, helping you view all the reservations and keep them organized without writing stuff down or micro-managing the schedule. It’s all there, and it’s all part of your Free HOA Website.

Q: How do you handle security deposits for amenity reservations?

A: When a resident reserves the clubhouse, they must agree to the rules you have uploaded. Your rules can simply state that members will be assessed a fee if they cause damage or fail to cleanup after themselves.

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