Sending out violation letters, entering invoices, issuing work orders, attending meetings, following up on action items – managers and board members have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. When it comes to completing these tasks, efficiency and organization are paramount. Using HOA templates can be a great way to reduce project time and maintain consistency.  But, the needs of common interest communities can be very different, so finding, or creating templates that can be adapted to your needs can make your job easier?


Without the structure of a good agenda, the HOA meeting can be long and painful. With a good agenda template, your meeting can stay on track, and you will get home at a reasonable hour. A meeting minutes template will save you a lot of time after the meeting when preparing the final minutes for board review. By using both an agenda and minutes template you can get a lot of the work done before the meeting even starts.


Some notices are sent out regularly, including annual meeting, maintenance, and late notices. A newsletter is sent more often and is full of important notices. If you’re starting from scratch every time a notice needs to go out, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Having a few simple notice templates can save you a lot of time, and maintain professional and consistent communication.


A key element to rule enforcement is consistency. Using letter templates can help you maintain consistency and shorten the time it takes to send out letters and notices. But be careful to include an area in your template to make it personal. When I say personal I mean individual and unique. A good letter template will cite the specific issue, section and code that was violated, and may even include a picture of the issue. Homeowners will take the letter more seriously when they know they aren’t just receiving a blanket form letter.

HOA Templates

If you’re not currently using templates for your HOA, start building a library today. You can use the templates below or create your own from scratch.

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