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Tension? Complaints?

Poor communication and misinformation are usually to blame. With Gladly, you get a beautiful website and functional communication tools that make both residents and managers happy.  Say goodbye to dysfunction palooza with free tools:

Delighted Residents. Happy Managers. No, really!

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HOA Website

Always look and feel your best with a free website to show off your great community. Always updated because it’s frequently visited.


HOA Message Board

What if your community actually read notifications? Residents would be informed, feel valued, and complain less.


HOA Community Calendar

Create a sense of community. Your calendar gives neighbors quick access to tennis tournaments or game nights.




Tools that free up your time

HOA Amenity Reservations

“Ahhh, that was easy!” is all you’ll hear from managers and residents when amenity reservations are made with just a few clicks.

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HOA Dues Payment

HOA Dues Payments

No one should have to run around collecting fees. Save the hassle and let residents pay online.  Gladly integrates with your current system, or use our simple GladlyPay™ (coming soon).

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HOA Document Management

Document Management

“Now where did I put that?” will be eliminated from your HOAs vocabulary.  Easy online access to CC&Rs, meeting minutes, and other documents.

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Fear Not, You'll Be Online in 5 Minutes

Outline your community boundary and all addresses will be imported. Or, upload a spreadsheet with emails and addresses.

Use TOPS? Perfect! You can import all your data with just a few clicks. Don’t worry about updating information in multiple places, because TOPS syncs with Gladly.  When a customer updates their Gladly account, it will update TOPS automatically (coming soon).

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Safe & Secure

We verify that members live or own in your community using address verification through Google maps.  And for a higher level of security we can assign a access code unique to each user.

Manager Interface

Managing all your communities has never been more convenient. And if you’re using TOPS, it’s practically hands-free.

Email Everyone

Need to get the word out fast? Send messages to all your homeowners in seconds.

Facebook Login

If you want better communication, your messages must come with quick and easy access built in. Our Facebook login doesn’t require a new password or any extra effort. If they’re on Facebook, they’ll get the message.

High Readership

Messages come to members through quick, easy-to-read notifications. Members will be reminded where to go for community information, and are more likely to read posts than a long newsletter.



Every HOA needs a variety of forms for different purposes. Need to collect information for special requests, reservations, or new move-ins? Gladly Forms (coming soon) lets you create your own forms in minutes.

“Gladly has helped us decrease expenses and streamline the online management of my communities while improving communication and encouraging resident feedback.”

~Kaleb, Property Manager, Community HOAM

“When I joined our HOA board, one of my main goals was to have better communication with our community. Using Gladly for our community website ensures our members have the most up-to-date information available in an organized fashion.”

~Kimberly, Board President, Blackhawk HOA

“Gladly has opened doors to homeowners that otherwise might have been closed, such as giving them a place to locate community documents on their own, get up to the minute information on what’s happening in their neighborhood, and providing a friendly and current method of communication. “

~Connie, Property Manager, Community HOAM


Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of Gladly?

Gladly is free for your community to use.  At some point we may add additional features for a fee – like mailing community flyers or taking online deposits for amenity reservations.  However, all of the current features are included for free.

How does this help my bottom line?

Managers may spend a lot of time and energy trying to resolve frivolous issues with homeowners and board members. We have a communication product that homeowners will actually use so they’re more informed and have fewer complaints. You spend less time on problems and keep your employees happy.

How do I invite my community?

1) Sync with TOPS. With minimal effort, you can import your community information from TOPS. 2) Upload a spreadsheet with emails. 3) Individually add resident emails on our setup page. 4) Send Gladly a spreadsheet and Gladly can invite residents.

Won’t this take more of my time?

You don’t need to moderate; it polices itself, just like Wikipedia. You’ll spend less time sending mail & newsletters. Less time dealing with frivolous issues.

How do you deal with inappropriate posts? People can be nasty.

Some people definitely have the tendency to get nasty online, especially when they’re anonymous or if there are emotional issues at stake. However, when people aren’t anonymous  — as is the case with Gladly — most will behave themselves. And if the group is large enough, the good guys will outnumber the gadflies. They will make sure that it all stays respectful and truthful, just like Wikipedia.

The best communication tool for your community.

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