Gladly is where homeowners come to do HOA stuff.

But really, we’re so much more!

We Solve HOA Communication

Gladly is a social media platform just for HOAs. It’s secure, it’s friendly, and it makes communicating with your owners a breeze.

Homeowners are more likely to get to know each other and get involved in a positive way when you use a method that they actually enjoy using. Even better if they can count on that method to keep the conversation clean.

Sense of Community

Your community is safer and more beautiful when neighbors know each other and are engaged.

We Love Managers

There are fewer headaches for board members and managers when homeowners are well-informed about what the HOA is for and what their role is in it.
They are less likely to misunderstand or be caught off guard with a rule change.

So Much More…

We do a lot of other stuff to help make your HOA function smoothly. We’ve lived in and managed HOAs for many years. We understand what it takes to make your HOA succeed, and we want to help you do exactly that.

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The Team

Sterling Jenkins

Sterling Jenkins

Founder & Dev

Paints picket fences white. Self-described nerd. Reads HTML5 books and plays Settlers of Catan. Loves backyard barbecues.

Burke Nielsen

Burke Nielsen

Founder & Account Management

Shoots hoops on community basketball courts.  Manages HOAs. Has the greenest lawn on the block.

Jason Davies

Jason Davies

Master Builder

Builds software.  Drives a truck. Served in Korea.

Ben Rollins

Ben Rollins

Executive and Idealist

Loves the smell of fresh cut grass. Reads TechCrunch. Has a new business idea every other day, but Gladly is the most amazing.

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