Sterling Jenkins

Founder and CTO at GoGladly
Sterling has lived in HOAs and has managed them for a living. A self-described nerd, Sterling finds books about HTML5 and games like Settlers of Catan unreasonably exciting. His nerdiness extends to his love of camping, fishing, and hiking in Utah's breathtaking Rocky Mountains. He especially likes enjoying the outdoors with his beautiful and supportive wife and 4 awesome kids.

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Why is Managing an HOA So Hard?

Why is Managing an HOA So Hard?

Seriously. Managing an HOA is not an easy job. I've been an association manager and it didn't take long before I gained a high admiration for those in this profession. Don't get me wrong, managing a community can also be very rewarding, but it's definitely not for the faint of heart. But we all know this. The real question is, "Should we care about 'why' it's hard?" Read More... [et_social_share]

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