How to create a sense of community

If you don’t know your neighbors, you are missing out. A community can be a great source of friendships, networking and referrals for personal and professional opportunities. And when issues arise, your community’s connection will be invaluable.

Get some face time

No, not the app; the real thing! Get together with your neighbors. The Board can facilitate this by planning special events. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal or cost a lot of money. Even a simple ice cream social can do the trick. Or have a potluck, costing the Association not much more than advertising the date. Another cost-effective event is a community garage sale. Recycle your treasures while visiting with neighbors, and make a little fun money at the same time.

Tell them about it

Newsletters, websites, and e-mail messages, oh my! Homeowners need to know the happenings of the community in order to feel included. Don’t keep it a secret. Share news, not just violations or rules, online or via a newsletter. Start a Facebook page for your community. And if you really want them to pay attention, send a text. Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to include the dates of the planned social gatherings.

Be proactive

When a new Homeowner moves in, welcome them to the neighborhood. Share the latest newsletter and extend an invite to the next Board meeting. Community connection starts with you. If you have an idea, do it.

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