Community association managers who have been in the business for a few years know what it takes to be a good manager. Problem-solving, analytical thinking, good communication skills are the foundation, perhaps even having an “A” type personality.

Not Just Good – Exceptional

Here are a few traits or skills I have found to be necessary for being an exceptional community association manager.

  • A sense of humor: Sometimes you just can’t make up what we encounter in a day.
  • The ability to say “no”: Community association managers can’t be everything to everybody, sometimes the governing documents do not give you the authority to help, it is the way you say “no” that is key – and exceptional community association managers are great at it.
  • Not taking things personally: The ability to let things “roll off your back” is crucial.  We are running corporations and this is business – nothing personal. To separate the two will go a long ways.
  • Balance of home and work: We all need to rest, spend time with family, do things that make us happy. Exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep. You will come back with more energy and brain power the more balance you have in your life.
  • Product knowledge: This can be the governing documents, state statutes, local ordinances, best practices, technology – essentially being an expert in what you do.

The list is quite long and not limited to the items on the above list. If you do not have passion, a high energy level and genuinely want to help people, perhaps this industry is not for you.

It is said that if you are in the community management industry for 5 years or more you are a “lifer”.  I am now going on my 29th year thinking, how the heck did I get into this? But at the end of the day, I could not be in a better industry. I can say this just about every day.

Bruce R, Gran

Bruce R, Gran

CMCA, AMS. PCAM at PMG Services
With 28 years’ experience as a professional community manager, Bruce is Chief Financial Officer for PMG Services AAMC in Mesa Arizona and also a consultant for Optimal Outsource in Forest Lake, CA.Bruce is a member of CAI’s National Faculty and is a frequent contributor to CAI’s Common Ground and Community Manager.
Bruce R, Gran

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