When was the last time you had a cake dumped in your lap? Ever had your birthday present delivered via slingshot to your face?

Hopefully never. But if you understand the drawbacks of either of these scenarios, you’ll get the gist of this post.

It’s all about the delivery.

Even a delicious cake makes an unwelcome gift when delivered the wrong way, and it’s the same thing with your HOA. Your messages to homeowners, even if they contain happy or important news, must be delivered properly to be appreciated.

Otherwise, your efforts are at best a waste of time, and are likely to become a nuisance.

In marketing, the way a product is packaged is key to its acceptance. In your HOA, your message is the product, and the packaging has to be just right.

In other words, it must be quick and easy.

In an HOA, most homeowners actually want to know what’s going on, so they can enjoy the events and benefits of community living. Unfortunately, the process of keeping everyone informed can become both messy and annoying.

Kind of like a cake in your lap.

Instead of sending a newsletter or simply publishing notices on a website, deliver your business in short, convenient messages. A quick email, text, or social media update will be much more effective because it’s delivered directly and seamlessly in bite-sized bits. And since homeowners are on their devices anyway, there is zero extra effort to staying informed — which is vital to fitting into their busy lives.

Deliver your messages the quick, easy, effective way and enjoy the sweet results.

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