Most states in the US don’t require you to get a CAM license to manage community associations. But every state requires you to get a license if you want to cut hair for a living.

You’ve got to admit — this is more than a little ironic.

CAMs Make an Impact

Community association managers are responsible for helping the board of directors oversee 10’s of millions of dollars in assets. Their decisions will affect the value of many people’s most valuable asset; not to mention significantly influence the quality of life in a community.

Most hair stylists couldn’t conceive of impacting their clients to anywhere near this extent. (Apologies to hair stylists everywhere.)

Simple Requirements for a CAM License

There’s an expectation for a certain standard of service in our industry but there is little official accountability. Insurance agents, real estate agents, plumbers, and contractors all require a license. Why not community association managers?

Requiring managers to pass an exam and receive a license doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to create undue burden upon small businesses. In my opinion it will only help our industry to hold ourselves to a higher standard and to be accountable to a governing body.

What Do You Think?

This is a hotly debated topic. Let us know where you stand.

Sterling Jenkins

Founder and CTO at GoGladly
Sterling has lived in HOAs and has managed them for a living. A self-described nerd, Sterling finds books about HTML5 and games like Settlers of Catan unreasonably exciting. His nerdiness extends to his love of camping, fishing, and hiking in Utah's breathtaking Rocky Mountains. He especially likes enjoying the outdoors with his beautiful and supportive wife and 4 awesome kids.

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