Nobody likes to take HOA meeting minutes (or so I have been told).

As an Meeting Recorder and Parliamentarian, I take the HOA meeting minutes for many associations. My method is easy and simple. Here are some steps that I hope you will find useful in taking proper minutes.

Use Templates

You need a good agenda. — Create an agenda template and use it for each of your properties. You should also have a meeting minutes template (Open Meeting Minutes) for each association. Agenda and meeting minutes should follow the same format.

Board Packet

The board packet contains the backup information for items listed on the agenda. The bids from the contractors, reports from plumbers, homeowner correspondence etc., should all be in the Board packet. This is the information that is “pre-populated” into the minute’s template.

Pre-Populate the Meeting Minutes Template

Using the agenda, enter each topic into the corresponding section of the HOA meeting minutes template. Use the board packet information to pre-populate the sections that will be addressed during the board meeting. Pre-Populated Minutes Template

If someone other than the manager is taking minutes, use a computer if possible.
If the manager is responsible for the minutes, they should print the pre-populated meeting minutes template, and scribble their notes for later transcription.

Minutes are a Record of the Actions (votes) of the Board, NOT Conversations

  • Minutes should not include “he said, she said” conversations.
  • Minutes should contain the decision (votes) of the Board.
  • In small HOA boards (less than 12 board members), it is not necessary to list who Moved or Seconded a motion.
  • Do list the names of board members that vote Against or Abstain, because there are other Parliamentarian rules that kick in if the matter is brought again before the Board.

Keep It Simple (KISS) Principle

  • Minutes are the official record of the corporation (your HOA).
  • Minutes can, and will be discoverable during a lawsuit.
  • Minutes should never include opinions.
  • Minutes, done right, should not be more than about two pages for a regular board meeting.
Completed Minutes Example
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Victoria Cohen

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