Every company needs clients. Without clients, well, you don’t have a business. But is the customer always right? Most of the time yes, but there are times when the best course of action is to “kick the bums out”! Yes, I said it! Even if they are profitable!

You know who I’m talking about — Clients that take up an inordinate amount of your time. Ones that always complain about costs. The ones that treat you and your staff without respect. Especially the ones that generate the least amount of revenue. Here are just some of the reasons to show the door to abusive clients:

  • Burn out your staff that can lead to turnover and training/productivity costs
  • Suck up time and resources that could be better used helping your good customers
  • Poison your staff’s attitude towards their job.
  • Ruin your day…every day.

In order to protect your staff, improve your bottom line, and strengthen your competitive position in the market I recommend you take these unprofitable, resource hogging, disruptive customers and SEND THEM TO YOUR COMPETITION!!! Yep, give them to your key competitors to suck up their time and resources, burn out their staff, take time away from their best customers so they are ripe for you!

If you don’t have a realistic plan on how to handle poisonous and/or unprofitable clients you may find that after doing all your best, you end up with an unhappy team and a portfolio of these people that you work harder and harder to please yet have less and less profit to show for it.

Alan Crandall

Alan Crandall

SVP & Western Regional Manager at Mutual of Omaha Bank
Alan is the Senior Vice President and Western Regional Manager at Mutual of Omaha Bank, He has worked extensively in the Community Association industry as a Manager, business owner, educator and thought leader.Alan has presented education sessions on business and HOA topics to hundreds of industry groups and CAI chapters.
Alan Crandall

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